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That Guy - Part 12

That guy lay in his bed that night, cringing, fitful, elated, filled with new ideas, new anger, new joy - as new as baby blood - and the roiling turbulence in his gut was fear wrestling promise. It gave him the nerve to bellow and boom, “That's it! Fuck you! I'm coming up there!"  And he meant it too, standing there on the bed, bouncing, trembling with hatred, hiking himself up in the air on invisible steps, inches from the ceiling as it shuddered and boomed back heavy with railroad ties and anvils threatening the beams. Up sweaty close, through the hammering, nailing, smashing about, that guy could hear Creepy cursing and Crawly shouting, pounding, fighting like maniacs thrashing at death through the darkness.  And that guy there. That little guy. Snapping his teeth at their heels. "Shut it! Shut up! I'll kill both of you!"  Momentary  silence.  Then, across the ceiling, heavy dragging, and again, the same sound without the anvils, with a bit of a pause…