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Buddha Thug 7 part 1

     "My father named me; Budrow Wilson Dexter Laurel and Hardy Har Har." Buddy smiled. "One word though. You have to say it as one word."
     She almost smiled but instead her lip fish-hooked to one side and held.
     "Pop was a schmuck," he added
     Then she smiled.
     "And you? Venice? Is that a nickname or...?" The question hung off the edge of Buddy's wide smile.
     Venice made you and me with a loose index finger between her own slim chest and Haha's. "Schmuck spawn, both of us," she whispered.
     Buddy liked her. She reminded him of a soft childhood moment that he couldn't fully touch.
     "So they call me Nice, or Nitzia -
Angel, sometimes, if they're happy or drunk or both."
     She'd been relocated. It had taken sacks of cash and the removal of two consecutive links in the chain of contact between Venice and her misdeeds. Buddy's job was to see how well the slip stuck. …