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The Quiet Car

On the quiet car there are signs about how to be quiet; directions, suggestions, vague pleadings…
     On the quiet car there are announcements about the quiet car; how to recognize that you are in the quiet car if you've missed the six or seven signs hanging from the low ceiling along the aisles.
     The quiet car is mostly quiet. Mostly. This alone is a fair indicator that you have found your way into the quiet car if you happened to wend your way onto it by accident or, as is the case on many occasions, you never even knew there was such a thing as the quiet car.
     There are occasionally other things beside quiet on the quiet car. There are brawls on the quiet car; screaming matches, arguments, altercations and insults – a lot of insults… oh boy.
     Even though it is the quiet car, there is enough noise and hubbub to go around.
     The quiet car is an experiment in human behavior: It is an experiment in perception, a study on relativity, a closed environment within …