another break for some - Big Art Business

“We want something light, L-I-T-E like, you know - you know?”
“I think I know. Like.”
“Things that are very big, that’s light, right? Those big flowers, or those big dolls, or those big toys...”
“Big sculptures. Big pop-sculptures.”
“We put them in front of buildings, in parks, on the medians, perhaps you’ve seen the most recent works on Park Ave - I love saying Ave...”
“...Giant cupcakes...”
“Is that what they are? Haha, I thought they were rocks. Giant rocks.”
“No, I thought they were, like, giant rocks.”
“Giant rocks are boulders...”
“Now you’re just teasing me.”
“Dick Dirkens.”
“Yes, fabulous.”
“He murdered his wife.”
“But he got off.”
“Ah, did she get better?”
“When he got off, did his wife get better, cause...”
“She’s dead.”
“How much are we talking about?”
“Forty-five thousand.”
“How big?”
“Make it touch the sky.”
“Everything touches the sky.”
“They said you were difficult.”
“Who are they?”
“Everybody in the program.”
“In this state?”
“Public Arts projects are valuable, they help society.”
“Eighty-five, unless I make it out of pancake batter.”
“Really? No! You’re teasing me again!”
“If I killed my wife would you give me Eighty-five?”
“Let’s meet again next week.”
“Wait, are you, Like, serious?”
“I’ll call you.”


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