that guy - Part 11

     Later she said, "thanks for saving me," .
That guy, he got a sliver of babe over the pink and purple range of swelling against his right eye. Words were right there, but his tongue and lips just quivered up nonsense.
Babe leaned over, her bed gave a nice bit.
"Is this what you do? Spend your time falling off the planet, mopping your blood about, and saving girls like me?"
"Whas rot nit," he said through the swelling, "Ron nuh rill in,"
"Kill him? you may have to anyhow." and babe told that guy the whole story. When she was done she leaned over and kissed him gently on the mountainous ruins of his eyes and lips. Before she kissed him again she paused, silently, and the look on her face was one of gladness, peace. That was a look that crawly could have profited from, in fact it could have been a game changer. Instead, that bit of eden, and the bit offered so gently within it was a gift for that guy, the one who really did save babe. Funny how these things work. If crawly had only.., but then again, if only that guy hadn't..,
Well, in real life there"s none of that. No looking back at ifs and uh-ohs. Its all tripping forward; and anyhow, so much work went into getting the whole thing as wrong and fucked-up as it could possibly get. Why would we undo all that just to make ourselves feel better by fixing a lousy situation? I’d rather not.


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