That guy - lucky 13

     It was crawly screaming as the door came off the hinges, battered down by the weighted coffin but buffered slightly by the wedge of the scrawny boy stuck half beneath it.
"Gettim off me! Gettim! Off!" he squeezed it out, flailing, eyes bulging, blood seeping from a gap in his teeth, through one shredded lip, spattering the filthy landing.
Gus staggered over the coffin and into the hallway. 
"My own son! Hell! How's about that!" Old Gus, he looked both pleased and sickened as he climbed up on he coffin to get real close to his boy, sweetly riddled as drew the long, bloody, stainless steel blade from a sliced organ deep inside of him, just to the belly-roll side. His spleen he thought, maybe a kidney.
"I was going to show you," he slurred, "show you some magic!"
     Gus hiccuped blood, smiled into his palm and wondered what he was looking for, but before he had an idea Babe gave him a shove from behind and fell over the pile of creepy, crawly, and the coffin.
     That's about when that guy got into the hallway, about twenty seconds after crawly had pushed the buzzer to let his two pals, Swine and Crimp, into the building with the new and empty coffin. That's about forty seconds after Crawly gave Gus a swordfish hug and sixty seconds after Babe shouted, "the only reason I had sex with that guy downstairs is cause your old man told me it was your idea in the first place!"
     And so, you see, when Gus smiled admiringly at that bold tactic, Crawly simply saw complicity in his father's brutal face, and a few groping seconds later - Swordfish-hug-surprise!
     Swine and Crimp had the empty coffin half way up the landing when Babe shoved her way out onto the gathering pile of dead and dying there on the second floor landing. That guy was right behind them too, with timing that allowed him first to see Babe stumble out the door, and then Gus as he leaned over to kiss his son goodbye. Crawly got one fist out and gave his dear old dad a pop on the kisser, lending the dying man enough additional momentum to tumble head first down the stairs, dead on the first bounce!


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