A short break for a Conversation In The Gallery

“It’s just a pile of rocks.”
“Says who?”
“I’m saying it. I’m looking at it. It’s a pile. It’s rocks.”
“Think Smithson, think, Maria, think...”
“This is my submission.”
“Even thought I’m telling you there’s no chance this will be curated into the show? Even though I’m saying, right here, right now, I wont take it...”
“My work is in Art In America.”
“Show it to them.”
“I received the Yanich Initch Itchynich earlier this year.”
“There’s a cream for that.”
“You’re saying you don’t like it.”
“Have you really looked at it.”
“I’m afraid so.”
“Is it that bad?”
“Oh boy.”
“But you show crap. I figured, crap...”
“I don’t do angry artist well.”
“That’s’ a fact.”
“Have you tried next door? They’ll love you next door.”
“I just came from there.”
“It was nice to meet you.”
“Meet me? Margret, you represented me for six years, what are you talking about?”
“I thought you looked familiar.”
“I really need this. It can bounce me back.”
“Try rubber bands.”
“Is that Dino over there?”
“He loves my stuff.”
“He lies a lot.”
“He’s doing well.”
“He is it. He’s now. He is today.”
“Who is tomorrow?”
“Not you.”
“Goodbye Margret.”
“Goodbye Jonathan.”


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