Buddha Thug - 5

Notes from the über grind:
     Everything hurts, most of the time.
     Buddy Haha was round-robin leader of group for the day.
     "Do you remember the day you were born? The moment? No?  Let me tell you, I was there."
     Buddy did his best all-knowing bub-bub lip and squinted into the past.
     "Life and death mingled that moment, a viscous rolling, tumbling into the calloused hands of a strange giant." 
     "But I was born on beach off San Paulo,"whispered Juan. " It had to have been warm, no? And my mother, a Brazilian hippie with beautiful brown breasts - She drew me from herself and cradled me up against them. I've heard the story."
     "Never-mind. I'm talking about your spirit, not your bones. Birth into life..."
     "Suffering and coffee - a bad combination," noted Maxine. "Can we smoke now? I want to smoke now."
     Buddy, ignoring Maxine, followed his own thread, "My head throbbed this morning, I felt confused, irritable, no reason, no good reason - as if a great weight had been cast upon me from another realm, another dimension - the resonance of some great suffering from a sympathetic karmic plane."
     The group laughed. Buddy nodded. Wanda smiled.
     Then Buddy relaxed. "You know right before you blow the brains out of your mark - that little tingle? I miss that! It's sick! Sure, that's why I'm here, but man, no karma, no kindness, no words - just a little 'uh-oh!' And BLAM! Done for the day!"
     Wanda winced, Maxine puffed up her cheeks and Juan balanced the tears in his eyes until they filled right up to the top before spilling. The others sat motionless.
     "There it is! That's the pain and suffering  I'm talking about!"
    The end


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